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To be the centre of UHPC science and technology in India, driving UHPC composites to be the material of choice across both construction and non-construction markets.



To manufacture, create applications, educate, partner and promote the use ofUHPC  in India.


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  • 17th December, 2018 Mumbai.

  • 18th December, 2018 New Delhi.

  • 19th December, 2018 Hyderabad.

About UHPC

What is UHPC?

According to the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), UHPC is a cementitious composite material composed of an optimized gradation of granular constituents, a water-to-cementitious materials ratio less than 0.25, and a high percentage of discontinuous internal fiber reinforcement. The mechanical properties of UHPC include compressive strength greater than 150 MPa and sustained post-cracking tensile strength greater than 5 MPa. UHPC has a discontinuous pore structure that reduces liquid ingress, significantly enhancing durability compared to conventional and high-performance concretes.

Range of UHPC Material Properties
Property Range
Compressive strength 140 to 200 MPa
Tensile cracking strength 6 to 10 MPa
Modulus of elasticiy 40 to 70 GPa
Poisson's ratio 0.2
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10 to 15 millionths/oC
Creep coefficient 0.2 to 0.8
Specific creep 6 to 45 millionths/MPa
Total shrinkage Up to 900 millionths
Source: FHWA  
Value Proposition:
  • •  Infrastructure: To provide long lasting durable infrastructure solutions, accelerated bridge construction technologies using UHPC, minimizing service life cost of structures and significantly enhancing the life of existing infrastructure through retrofitting and rehabilitation measures.

  • •  Buildings: To provide customers with significantly more usable carpet area, aesthetic appeal and help developers and contractors deliver faster. To significantly improve the life of existing & new structures by enhancing their durability. To reduce material consumption thus reducing environmental impact, improving sustainability and reducing earthquake loads.

  • •  B2B Precast: To kickstart & revolutionize the “start-up” market producing & supporting SME’s & MSME’s thus enabling new & improved products to come to the mass market – products that are more durable, sturdy & better performing.


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Mr. Satish Jain, PE, SE
Managing Director
SJC, Mumbai.
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Dr. Sri Sritharan
Prof. and Interim Asst. Dean
Iowa State University, USA.
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Dr. B. H. Bharatkumar
Chief Scientist
CSIR-SERC, Chennai.
For Delhi event
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Dr. A. Ramachandra Murthy
Principal Scientist
CSIR-SERC, Chennai.
For Mumbai event
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Dr. K.V.L. Subramaniam
Professor – Civil Engg.
For Hyderabad event
  •    Bridge Engineering Fraternity – Engineers, Contractors & Policy Makers.
  •    Prestressing & Precast Industry
  •    Infrastructure, Airport Authority, Defence & Marine Engineering Experts.
  •    Building Industry Fraternity – Owners, Architects, Engineers & Contractors.
  •    Structural Retrofitting & Rehabilitation Industry.
  •    Project Management Consultants.



17th December, 2018
Venue :
Hotel Sahara Star
Opp. Domestic Airport
Mumbai 400099
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New Delhi

18th December, 2018
Venue :
Hotel Taj Vivanta Dwarka
Metro Station Rd.Sector 21,Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
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19th December, 2018
Venue :
IITH Main Road Near NH-65
Sangareddy, Kandi 502285
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